2017 "Little Mo" Internationals - New York

6th Annual

Doubles & Mixed Doubles Information

Posted August 10th

We hope you plan to play doubles and mixed doubles. It is a fun way to make more tennis friends and gain valuable match experience. There is no additional entry fee for doubles or mixed.   

You can now view the entry lists of all the players on the tournament home page:  www.littlemoforesthills.com.  Just click on your age division on the left panel.  


DOUBLES - Players sign-up for doubles on Tuesday, August 22 until 3:00 PM at the tournament desk.  Play will begin on Wednesday, not before noon.  Players must play in Same “division & ball” as Singles.

MIXED DOUBLES - Players sign-up for Mixed on Wednesday, August 23 until 3:00 PM at the tournament desk.  Play will begin on Thursday, Not Before noon.  Players are NOT RESTRICTED to play in same division as singles, as long as you enter in the division of the oldest player.

Players must come together to the tournament desk on the designated days to confirm their entry.  If both players cannot come at the same time, you may call your partner from the desk so they may confirm with the Tournament Director.  If you confirm with a partner before arriving in New York, you may email the entry to rick1workman@gmail.com. 

Format for Doubles & Mixed:  8-Game “Pro-Sets”; Regular scoring; Set tiebreaker (to 7) at 8-all.

If you would like to play but do not have a partner, there will be a "LOOKING FOR PARTNER" list at the Monday Registration.  You may place your name & cell # and/or call other players who are also looking.  The tournament cannot guarantee or confirm partners. Commitments are between players.

You can communicate with any player on the entry lists via the online messaging system anytime at www.littlemoforesthills.com.  1) Log into your registration account and click the “Messages” link at the top “right side” of the homepage. 2) Click on "Send Message", 3) Begin typing a player’s name in the box and they should eventually “pop” into the box as you are typing. 4) Click on the highlighted name(s) if a player has multiple accounts. Include all of them in the "To" box to make sure they receive your message. Some players have multiple accounts.

Several doubles divisions have been combined because of entry size.  Partnerships in the combined divisions may be composed of one player from each division or any combination within the ages. (ie. An 8 Yellow may pair with an 8 or 9 yellow or two 8s or two 9s)

1)    Boys 8 & 9 Yellow Combined Doubles

2)    Girls 8 & 9 Yellow Combined Doubles


If you have any player seeding or ranking information you would like the “seeding committee” to consider please email it to:  rick1workman@gmail.com. Seeding info deadline: August 18.