2017 "Little Mo" Southern Sectionals - Marietta, GA

Desire For Doubles

Posted May 3rd

We have a strong desire to run at the Sectional level for the Little Mo organazation Doubles Draws for both the boys and girls. We would like to be able to run these events as Boys 12U and Girls 12 U for this first attempt at running doubles.

In this case we first want to know if you desire to play and if you have a partner you already know is in the tournament. Second, if you do not have a partner and you wish for us to find you one we can try to do that for you. Either way send an email to jp@tennisdynamics.net if you wish to enter the doubles draw. There is no additional charge for the doubles. 

The plan will be a "little old school". We will take entries for the doubles thru Friday at registration (5-8pm). The reason we would do this is because you guys will not be able to know all of the participants until later this week when the draws are revealed. We would like to have the deadline "a very hard noon" on Saturday. 

We would begin doubles play and form the draws between noon and 2pm on Saturday and begin play after the singles is completed. If there is not enough interest in the Boys alone and the girls alone then we would even move to offer mixed doubles as the preferred draw. The sooner you can let us know you want to play the better for our trophies. :)