First Coast Tennis

2016 Adult Summer Ladder League Winners

First Coast Tennis of Florida concluded its Annual Adult Summer Ladder Leagues.


The Ladder Leagues are totally open to players of both private and public facilities and provide fresh competition.


In the Summer 2016 Ladder Leagues, we had our biggest turnout for summer ladders leagues to date! 


Women's 2.5 Doubles:

Winners - Jennifer Sunman and Sherri Ouchi

Runners-Up - Karen Williams and Leinesa Adams


Women's 2.5 Singles

Winner - Julie Korsog

Runner-Up - Holly Delaney


Women's 3.0 Doubles

Winner - Jules Carlson and Rhonda Gummerman

Runner-Up - Pagie Dilts and Nancy Hennessy


Women's 3.0 Singles

Winner - Cynthia Haines

Runner-Up - Monica Dowd


Men's 3.5 Singles 

Winner - Krishnan Munuswamy

Runner-up - Stephen Ledbetter


Men's 4.0 Singles

Winner - Jason Young

Runner-up - Anish Tuladhar