Oakwood Swim & Racquet Club
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Oakwood Club Tennis Rules

The following rules and conditions will be observed by the Tennis Committee when forming teams to participate in league play:
1. Eligibility - Any member in good standing is eligible to play on an Oakwood team. Every effort will be made to place a member on a team at his or her proper level of play. Players wishing to join a team must possess a rating from USTA or BATA indicating they are qualified to play at the level required by that team. If a rating has not been currently established, appropriate USTA rating procedures must be followed (see the Club Teaching Pro). They may then be approved to join the team (or) assigned by the Tennis Committee. Members must pay applicable USTA, BATA, and other applicable fees to be eligible to play on a club team.
2. Team Captains - Team Captains for BATA and USTA teams must be approved by the Tennis Committee. Team Captains determine who will play in matches, but must attempt to give all players at least three opportunities to play.
3. Formation of New Teams - Formation of new teams must be submitted to the Tennis Committee at least 7 days prior to BATA or USTA initial roster deadline for consideration. Final review and approval of all rosters is determined by the Tennis Committee. The Tennis Committee will forward all approved rosters to league headquarters. Fees are due at sign-up, but no later than the league captains’ meeting.
4. Changing Teams - All changes, additions and removals from anyone’s team roster, including anyone wishing to transfer from one team to another or to change levels, must be made through the Tennis Committee. A person may move to a new or existing team at the same level with the approval of the Captain(s) involved and the Tennis Committee. A person may move to a new or existing team at a higher level when dictated by their rating from BATA or USTA. If a player’s rating is within 0.25 of the rating required for a new level and they have been playing on courts 1 or 2, they may be brought up to a higher level team when it is approved by the Tennis Committee.
Under no circumstances shall a member, currently rated by USTA or BATA, move from one team to another two levels higher.
If there are more people available for play at a certain level than needed to complete the roster(s), but not enough to form another team, the additional players may be assigned to the team(s) and provided opportunity to play. The wish of every Club Member, Team, and Captain will be given highest regard. However, the Tennis Committee will have authority to make final decisions of player assignment.
Team Practices - One team practice per week will be permitted. Only two teams may schedule practice at the same time. Teams must alternate use of hard and soft courts for practice. Team captains are responsible for canceling court reservations if all courts reserved are not needed. Failure to cancel unused courts will cause forfeiture of one court for the following week.

Non-Member participation on club league teams:
The Non-Member policy is for prospective new members to the club.
Each non-member is responsible for paying a $50 league fee to Oakwood Swim & Racquet Club prior to the start of the league season.    The $50 fee is non-inclusive of USTA or BATA league fees. The $50 league fee will be refunded to the non-member, from their club dues, when they join the club.   
Tennis play, for non-members utilizing this option, is limited to league matches, and official team practices.
Non-members are permitted to play only one season, on a single league team, under this policy.
Team captains MUST get approval from the Tennis Director and Club Manager PRIOR to submitting prospective members on final team rosters.
A Non-Member contract, with liability waiver, must be completed, for each non-member, prior to league start.
Any deviations from this policy must be approved, in advance, by the Tennis Director, and Club Manager.

7. Tennis guests must be accompanied by their sponsoring member. The same individual cannot be a guest more than 2 times per month, regardless of the sponsoring member(s).
6. Court Schedules - All court scheduling shall be made through the Tennis Pro. This includes Rain- Out or Make-Up Matches. All court schedules made by the Tennis Pro are to be adhered to unless all parties involved agree to an exchange of courts. Make-up matches are to be scheduled on the Team’s Practice time if possible. Scheduling of team matches shall take precedence over team practices if notified within 48 hours. This does not guarantee court preference.
7. All away matches that are moved to Oakwood due to lack of court availability of opponents’ Club shall be subject to guest fees for non-reciprocating clubs. It will be the responsibility of the Oakwood team to collect fees.
8. Courtside Etiquette - Proper courtside decorum and manners are required either at home or away as you
are representing Oakwood. Failure to adhere to common courtesy and etiquette can result in team and/or player suspension for the remainder of the season.
9. Formation of the Tennis Committee - This Committee shall consist of one member from the Board and one for each level of play for each sex. It will be the responsibility of the Tennis Committee to set and approve all team rosters. The male representatives will handle the men’s teams. The female representatives will handle the women’s teams. All Committee members will set the mixed teams. All team rosters are to be turned in to the Committee representative. The representative will be responsible for turning these rosters in to BATA and USTA.
10. League Schedules and Rosters will be posted in the clubhouse prior to the start of each season.

11. If a team or its captain conducts itself in a manner which is not conducive to fairness, good sportsmanship, and an “inclusive” attitude toward fellow Club Members, the Tennis Committee may take whatever measures are needed to sanction such Team and/or Captain, including rescinding rights to Captain or be included in a team roster representing the Club.
12. Clinics — Clinics are scheduled and held by the Tennis Pro. Fees are agreed upon between member/s and the Pro. No monies from these clinics go to the Club. Clinics may be scheduled as often as agreed upon with the Pro. Non-members can attend clinics with members or as an entire group of non-members as long as it does not interfere with clinics for members. Non-members will not be charged a guest fee as they are not allowed to play on any Club courts once the clinic is over. Any non-member wishing to play at Oakwood must be accompanied by their sponsoring member. Their visits are restricted as the rules state (see Court Rules 1, 2, 5, 6, and 18).
13. Outside Teams — Teams consisting of some members and non-members that play on another club’s roster are not allowed to schedule more than two courts. Also they are limited to one practice per week. The rule about non-members being limited to two visits per month applies, regardless of sponsor (see Court Rules 1, 2, and 18).

1. All members and their guests must sign in with www.CourtsideUSA.Com  and will be
required to pay $5.00 per guest(s). The guest name has to be part of the court reservation.
2. The same individual cannot be a guest of the Club more than 2 times a month, regardless of the sponsoring member(s).
3. Courts are available for play from 8AM to 10PM daily. Lights shall be turned off by 10PM.
4. Court reservations can be made by signing up in the Court Reservation Book inside the clubhouse, by calling the Tennis Pro at 666-4471 (leave a voicemail message), or by calling 661-1922 during the summer pool season for reservations during the weekend. If he cannot be reached directly, then leave a message in the voice mailbox.
5. All reservations, singles or doubles, will be for up to 2 hours each. Reservations can be made no more than 3 days in advance and are limited to one court per member per day.
6. A member may not reserve more than one court at the same time. Courts cannot be reserved consecutively by the same players.
7. Reservations will be forfeited if the member does not appear within 15 minutes of their time.
8. Any member who is unable to play after having made a reservation is encouraged to cancel so courts are available for others.
9. Only members in good standing may make reservations.
10. For safety reasons, no children are allowed on the courts during play, unless playing with an adult.
11. Proper tennis attire must be worn. Players must wear soft-soled, regulation tennis shoes (no black soles). Swimsuits and bare feet are not proper attire.
12. No glass containers are permitted on the courts.
13. Soft courts are maintained between 12 and 3 PM each day and can be used only with permission of the Tennis Pro.
14. Members using the courts assume full responsibility for the courts and grounds during the time they are playing.
a. Lights should only be turned on for courts in use and never before 6PM during the months of May- September.
b. They should be turned off when play is complete if no one is waiting for the court(s).
c. If you are the last to leave the property, you should secure and lock the buildings and main gate.
15. Tennis balls landing in private yards adjacent to the Club grounds are not, under any circumstances, to be retrieved.
16. All Tournaments must be approved by the Tennis Committee and the Tennis Pro.
17. No one shall be allowed to give tennis lessons except the Club Tennis Pro and his teaching staff. However, tennis instructions are allowed between immediate family members.
18. Any member violating any of the above rules will be subject to a $5.00 fine. Recurring violations will subject the member to disciplinary action, in accordance with the Club rules of discipline.
19. Members and guests must wear shoes and shirt in clubhouse, no exceptions. No wet bathing suits allowed in the clubhouse.