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How to? ?

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This is you home page with your personal information on this page with e-mail and contact details on this page.  You can type in your address, your phone; your e-mail-this information is how people will reach you to play tennis.  Most of the buttons ask or gives you simple questions to answer with one click. 

  1. personal information
  2. my game
  3. e-mail preferences
  4. clubs and communities
  5. reset password
  6. profile photo
  7. profile gallery
  8. manage family account



Booking a Court


  1. click on Court Reservation
  2. look up the time you want to play on the court sheet
  3. look up if the court is flood lit or not as only cts 1-4 have lights
  4. click on singles or doubles play
  5. click on if singles who you are playing as opponent to make reservation
  6. click on doubles and you must provide 4 names as a doubles match
  7. clink on make reservation and now you have confirmed your court
  8. the booking will now show up on the court sheet –reserved for you



Booking a lesson or Clinic


  1. Click on book a lesson front page
  2. if  a private lesson please request under Wesley or Mike and give your details
  3. details will ask for day, time requested and length of lesson 1 hr or 1/2hr private
  4. If Clinic you click   on the clinic details that are listed left side of the page and the page will allow you to register and pay at that time. 
  5. Clinic has spots or boxes in front of you for the available spots left in the group for players to register.  If all the boxes are gone you can register and be put on a waiting list to fill one of the available spots in that class.   This feature allows you also to see who is in the class already.
  6. click on register and it will take you to the payment page to sign-up


 Captains: Book multiple Courts

Call Hans or Kathy to reserve league matches requiring multiple courts





  1. Click on events front page and all events listed should come up for planning your club activities for the coming months.
  2. Usually on the front page is a current list of special events to register for and you can click on that directly and it will take you to the registration and fees page.
  3. The page should also show all people registered for the event or activity, when the activity is scheduled and if there is a fee to register. 
  4. Just click on register and you are in and ineke knows that you are coming to participate.
  5. you can go to Upcoming Events and see what is  scheduled in the future days, weeks, months, ect  this features allows you to also learn more  about the event and register.


Connect and play


  1. This is to find a game for you at your convenience
  2. click on select a level of rating---- like (3.0) intermediate or (4.0) advanced level
  3. select male or female to decide what gender you want to play  with
  4. select the date you want posted to be shown on the  posting for people to accept
  5. select the date you want the posting to end for your match to be accepted
  6. click on search for match and all members will view the post until accepted
  7. e-mail will be sent to both players once the match has been accepted to play



Signing up for a Ladder


  1. click on ladder it will take you to a page  with top bars (home) (rules)(admin)
  2. click on (admin) and then players to add yourself to the ladder
  3. click on search players to add player to  ladder
  4. you will see the posting in front of you that you are added
  5. now you can challenge on the ladder
  6. after match has been played --- go to score button to report results
  7. the ladder will automatically change after match has been reported

      8.   When signing up for doubles please put all 4 players’ names in the challenge


Round Robin


  1. Register by clicking on round robin it will take you to a page with boxed listed open available to register.
  2. Click on register and if there is a fee it will ask you to pay via pay pal and then you can register for the round robin.
  3. If no fee is necessary just register and you are in for the round robin.
  4. it could be a doubles or singles round robin event which allows you to play so many rounds of tennis with other players before the round robin is completed