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Courtside Website Features

Here is what you can do!!


Thank you for joining the first tennis networking site for tennis players and pros - GetCourtside.

  • Create a network of Players and Pros
  • Connect directly to your local pros to keep informed about programs, events, leagues and ladders
  • Keep all your matches organized on your Calendar
  • Post pictures on your personal page
  • Sign up to have Courtside email you when you get a new message
  • Register for Club round robins, ladders, and tournaments



Here's how to get started:


  • Go to Profiles and add your Player Profile information that tells pros and players what your home club is and what level you play.
  • Add a photo of yourself; it's helpful when setting up matches with people you've not met
  • Your full profile is only visible to people you have added to your friends list.



  • Add players and friends by Searching for them and Add them to your Network
  • Send emails or invites to your friends and get them to join
  • Create Groups for quick and easy messaging to set up matches
  • Go to My Pros and Search and add Pros that you would like to be connected to. Remembers Pros will be creating their own websites for you to connect to where they will be running Round Robins and Ladders.


The Game Plan

  • It’s like an e-vite for a tennis game. Pull in as many people as you want to invite and the first players that join the game are in and when the game is full it is closed and put into the player’s calendars on their homepage.
  • You can also create weekly round robins for any groups you play in, IE, summer match schedule."


The whole idea is to build a network of players, pros, and programs that everyone in the Club can link into and build a bigger better game for everyone.

Good luck, and get in touch if you have any questions, sdavis267@comcast.net