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2018 Women's 3.5/4.0 Spring Doubles Ladder

3.5-4.0 Doubles - Non-Takeover Point Ladder
Feb 23 - May 20 2018

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2018 Women's 3.5/4.0 Spring Doubles Ladder |
Doubles |
Ladder Rules:


First Coast Tennis presents the Jacksonville Women's Spring 3.5-4.0 Doubles Ladder.


Play can happen at whatever agreed upon facility the teams would like.  Hard court or Soft court are both okay.


Does a regular league not fit your weekly schedule?


Do you not have a home club or have one that may not offer a program that fits your specific needs?


Do you have a regular partner with whom you would like to get extra matches or play with exclusively?


Are you someone that just can't get enough tennis?


Do you want to see where you and a regular partner stack up relative to other teams across the city?


If you answered yes to any of the above then sign up and be prepared to have some fun in the only totally open Women's 3.5-4.0 Singles ladder league in town.


The ladder is not a traditional move up/slide down ladder, it is a ladder where points are earned in order to determine standing, like standings/rankings on the Pro Tour.


Awards will be received by the Winner.


Where can you get all this for $20?  It's less than the cost of 1 clinic!  Sign up now as the initial ladder standing is set based on first signed up starts at the top and last signed up starts at the bottom.


Point value for each match is determined with the following formula:


The winning team/player receives 27 points minus total number of games lost in the match.  


The losing team/player receives a point value equal to number of games won in the match.



After losing a match, you may not play the same team/player again until 14 days have elapsed.  There is no other restriction as to with which teams/players you can request a match.


NTRP ratings will be verified and if a player has a rating higher than that of the ladder then the team/player will be disqualified.  No player may have a rating higher than 4.0.  If a player does not have an NTRP rating then their club pro will have to verify player’s rating.


League Instructions:

This is about getting new matches and playing when it meets the summer schedule of both teams, however the more you play the higher your standing.


Scoring:  Winners will receive 27 points minus the number of games lost.  So, a 6-4, 4-6, 1-0 (match tiebreaker in lieu of a third set would be recorded as 1-0 for the winning team) win would be worth 17 points to the winner.  Loser receives a point value equal to the number of games won, so in the case above the losing team would get 10 points.


Scheduling a match:  To schedule/request a match with another team, click the challenge button next to the team name.  The system will then ask you to enter 3 date/time/location choices.  Ideally the team receiving your request will pick one of these but if that isn’t possible then the team can suggest three new options which are sent back to you.  If there is no Challenge button next to the team you’d like to play then it most likely means that you have played that team recently and have to wait the minimum time before you can play them again for standings.


Responding to requests:  Check your email and sign into the system to check your account.  Match requests should forward to your email inbox but since some Spam filters grab random emails, please log into your account somewhat frequently to see if there are any new Ladder League happenings for you.  Upon login, the shortcut to your Ladder League can be found by hovering your mouse over the Programs tab at the top of the page and then clicking on the League name.


Direct communication with others:  If your phone number is displayed in the Personal Information in your settings, then it will be available to others in the Ladder League.  If you need to update your phone number, click Settings in the upper right, Personal Information, update phone number and then click save at the bottom of the page.  Another option is to email players directly.  You may email anyone by clicking Messages at the top of the page, Send Message to compose a new message, enter the person’s name(s) in the To field, compose your message and click Send.  Still another option is to use the chat window at the right of the Ladder League homepage.  Some common uses of this in addition to general chat are to post your best contact phone or email address, to alert other teams that you are seeking a match on a specific date/time but are open to playing anyone, etc.  Be thoughtful, be considerate and communicate clearly.  This will make your summer tennis experience a lot of fun!


Recording Scores:  Recording scores will be very apparent once you have scheduled a match and are ready to record your scores.

Players can register for the Ladder League for up to 30 days after it has begun so share this with your friends who are not yet playing.

Have fun and have a good summer!

If you have any questions or need help, please email first.coast.tennis@gmail.com

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